National Gallery of Australia projection

A projection of our work Crystal Palace also adorned the walls of the National Gallery of Australia as part of Enlighten Canberra, 2016.

Opening tonight in Canberra.

Open tonight! 20meters edible installation.

And it is all up at the NGA until early April

A pretty exhausting week or two but all definitely worth it. Ready in front of our work for the opening! All photos courtesy NGA and their brilliant photographer David.  

Installing at the National Gallery of Australia

The beginning of December and it was hot and dry in Canberra, perfect weather to start installing our 9-meter-long salt work, The Last Supper. The electricians were onto the complications of setting up the USA chandelier of the Crystal Palace series no problems. And they weren’t short in muscle power either!    

Media launch and Opening at NGA Contemporary

Media launch tomorrow at 11:00AM on 11 December and Artist Talk at 2:00PM on Sat, 12 December at National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Photo by NGA

Next stop the National Gallery of Australia

Our next major show will be at the contemporary spaces at the National Gallery of Australia you can find the information here