The Three Wishes, Kadokawa Culture Museum (in Japanese)

The Last Supper, Kadokawa Culture Museum (in Japanese)

Dysbiotica, Kadokawa Culture Museum (in Japanese)

Dysbiotica 2, Kadokawa Culture Museum (in Japanese)

Spider Tale, Kadokawa Culture Museum (in Japanese)

The Emperor’s New Clothes (in Japanese)

Video on our work in the Biennale of Australian Art

Video on Welcome to the Anthropocene featuring our work Web of Life

Interview from solo exhibition at Mizuma Gallery Tokyo 2017

Julia Yonetani interview at Bildmuseet, Sweden with curator Ele Carpenter, September 2016

Available on Vimeo here

Ken + Julia Yonetani The Last Temptation at National Gallery of Australia, March 2016

Ken+Julia talk at NGA, Canberra, Australia Dec 2015 with Senior Curator Dr. Deborah Hart

Ken+Julia Interviewed on French local TV on exhibition at the Abbaye de Maubuisson, November 2014

Une nouvelle exposition à Maubuisson  vonews95

Lisa Fehily on Ken+Julia at The Last Suppermarket, Melbourne Art Fair 2014

Ken+Julia Interviewed at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, 2014

Interview for Singapore Biennale, October 2013

Video of the Crystal Palace exhibition, Singapore Biennale 2013

Ken+Julia on Crystal Palace for ABC National News, Australia 2012

Ken+Julia Yonetani Interviewed for What the Birds Knew exhibition 2012

SBS Documentary on Ken+Julia Yonetani’s work with Salt 2011

Ken+Julia Yonetani’s salt work featured on ABC National News 2011

Ken+Julia Yonetani’s Sense of Taste exhibition, London 2011

Video of opening, Sweet Barrier Reef Venice Biennale 2009

Ken Yonetani Interviewed on Venice Biennale 2009

Ken Yonetani at Venice Biennale 2009

Ken+Julia Yonetani on ABC Radio National 2011

Ken+Julia Yonetani on Radio New Zealand 2011