Breathing Tree


Breathing Tree, 2012

Material: Ceramics with manganese glaze (approx. 14,000 pieces)
Dimensions: 12 meters (width) x 1.8 meters (height) x 2 cm (thickness)

“But the trees have all that hill and tower have; and they have life as well.” J. Ernest Phythian

This work is inspired by micro images of stomata, the pore openings on leaves used in photosynthesis and respiration. The images were acquired from the leaves of eucalyptus trees near the Blue Mountains National Park, using electron microscopic technology from the Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility, the University of Sydney, in collaboration with Dr. Ian Kaplin. The work is comprised of approximately 14 000 handmade ceramic pieces the shape of stomata, placed in the form of a gum leaf onto the wall of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. This work was commissioned by the Blue Mountains City Council.